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Implementation of Standard Specifications on Secondary School Facilities in Etsako West Local Government Area, Edo State: Statement of the Problem

When facilities are provided according to standards, they provide facilitating and stimulating environment for effective teaching and learning in schools. School plant like other physical facilities require a constant program of maintenance since they exist to facilitate instructional learning. Most of these maintenance works hardly take place because of socio-economic problems. It should be noted that the equipment that wears out must be replaced, mortar that loosens must be repaired. Roofs leak must be repaired. Most maintenance jobs require skilled craftsmen including plumbers, painters, electricians, masons, roofers and many others.
The concept of standard specifications embraces size, shape, number and quality of education space/ facilities. Secondary schools should be provided with minimum school facilities, which must reflect its curriculum. Planning these facilities must involve an estimation of students’ population and the existing ones evaluated bearing in mind the needs of the school as stated by educational aims and objectives. It therefore behoves the school administrators, the government and various communities to fashion out ways of having standards in school, bearing in mind that schools do not exist alone, students, teachers, administrators inhabit them during the day. If standards are not implemented I schools, the students in the local government area will not benefit from learning outcomes and as such, there are bound to be problems in their educational achievements.
The content of the secondary education has in recent years been diversified. These diversifications are in the introduction of the Universal Primary Education (UPE) in 1976 and in the 80’s with the introduction of the 6-3-3-4 system of education. With an upsurge in transition rate of secondary school enrolment, the problems that bother the researcher is whether facilities are provided in their right size and shape, whether these facilities are available in all the secondary schools for the implementation of schools’ programs and whether they are adequate enough to meet teachers’ efficiency in the dispensation of their duties and are they maintained. The researcher is equally bothered whether they are maintained.
Purpose of the Study:
From the problems identified, the purpose of the study therefore was to:
i.    Determine the extent of implementation of the physical facilities specifications in
schools. The facilities are classrooms, furniture, libraries, laboratories, workshops, computer, chalkboards, audio visual aids and school examination hall.
ii.    To find out the maintenance practices adopted on facilities in the secondary schools.