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Implementation of Standard Specifications on Secondary School Facilities in Etsako West Local Government Area, Edo State

Implementation of Standard Specifications on Secondary School Facilities in Etsako West Local Government Area, Edo StateSecondary education in Nigeria has particularly been demanded for right from its inception as an acceptable educational qualification for white collar jobs or preparation for useful living in Nigeria and as a sure way to attaining higher education in Nigeria has led to some expansion and development geared towards making secondary education more functional and relevant to the emerging needs and aspirations of Nigerian society and at the same time satisfying the increasing demand for it. Hence, the government took a bold step in taking over schools in the ‘70s’ and such, education became politicized, schools where re-structured and re-organized. These arrangements where geared towards giving education positive developments yet serious problems arose ranging from an upsurge in students’ enrolment and over used/stretched physical facilities in schools. Hence, the secondary education in Nigeria has been bedeviled by low transition rate, over-crowed and over-used classroom furniture.
To have a creative school, there is the need to involve an educator, an economist, a quantity surveyor, a designer while planning a school plant. The educator possesses the capacity to determine the building and material needs of the school, the architects may help to translate these building needs as conceived by the educator into practical terms through designs and specifications. Hence, Enaohwo (1990:248) stipulates “planners have to consult with as many people and agencies as possible before providing resource programs for implementation in schools”. Since material resources have to do with school plants, there is the need for a well planned and organized school plants to make for effective administration. If there is shortage of accommodation, furniture, equipment or other material resources, this can affect the productivity of teachers, administrator-teacher relationship and even administrator-pupil relationship. There is the need not only to plan and organize the school but to use standard specifications. There should be symptoms of changing trends in students’ learning hence no building should undergo greater change in recent years than the school building.
Accommodation, an ideal teacher/pupil relationship, a conducive environment, adequate resource material for learning. “school programs must be implemented, teachers trained in required quantity and school buildings and equipment provided to meet educational specifications and made functional” posits Agabi (1999). It therefore becomes imperative that in order to attain set educational objectives of any community, there should be an implementation of standard specifications in order to avoid a short-fall or an undervalued expectation by parents and recipients of education.